Kotchakorn Voraakhom


2006        Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

                 Master in Landscape Architecture, Post Professional Program 2


2001        Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

                 Bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture

                 First class honor student with gold medal


2017-pres. Porous City Network, Thailand

                   Founder, CEO (2017-present)

                   Landscape architecture and urban design solution for tackle                                    climate change, non-profit organization


2010-pres. Landprocess Company Limited, Bangkok, Thailand

                    Founder, CEO and Design Director (2010-present)

                    Landscape architecture and urban design firm


2010-pres. Department of Landscape Architecture,

                    Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

                    Guest Lecturer in Landscape Architecture (2010-present)


2014-2016  Siam Green Sky (urban agricultural learning center),

                     Bangkok, Thailand

                     Co-founder and Program Director (2014-2016)


2008-pres.  Artfield Creative Art Therapy, Bangkok, Thailand

                    Co-founder (2008-present) and Creative Art Therapist

                    Facilitator (part time)

                    Non-profit organization promoting palliative care through

                    creative art therapy


2006-2008  Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI), Nairobi, Kenya

                     Co-founder (2006-2008)

                     Non-profit design and community development organization                                    working with underserved communities; led community design                                work sessions in Kibera slum, Nairobi


2003-2006 Various landscape architecture and urban design firms,

                   Boston, Denver, Houston, San Francisco

                   Landscape architectural designer


2017           Echoing Green Climate Fellow

                   Social enterprise fellowship, selected proposal from 2789                                          application from 163 countries.


2016           Asia Development Fellow, The Asia Foundation

                   Highly competitive yearlong fellowship for emerging Asian leaders

                   Focus topic: Environment


2016           TALA Professional Award, Thailand Association

                   of Landscape Architects

                   Excellence Award: Siam Green Sky Urban Agriculture

                   Learning Center


2015          TALA Professional Award, Thailand Association

                   of Landscape Architect

                   Honor Award, General Design - Public Space: Urban Street,

                   Siam Square

                   Honor Award, General Design - Commercial: Pedestrian                                              Community Mall, Sunglung Square


2014           ASA Change, selected architecture firms in Thailand to exhibit                                works that impact social change



2006           The Penny White Award, Department of Landscape Architecture,                    Harvard University

                   Work Sessions in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi:

                   Understanding Landscape Solutions to Marginalized Communities




                   Bangkok 250, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Urban                        Design and Development Center

                   Landscape Architecture Expertise Consultant (2014-2016)

                   Visionary urban development projects in celebration of Bangkok’s                            250th anniversary


                   Thailand Association of Landscape Architect (TALA)

                   Licensed professional landscape architect (2010-present)


                   Selected Projects

                   (Practicing as lead project landscape architect)


2017          Chulalongkorn Centennial Park and Avenue, Bangkok

                   First prize winner for design-build competition

                   (under construction)


2017          The Princess Sinrindhorn, The Healling Roof Garden,

                   The Ramathibodhi Hospital

                   Redesign of unused roof into healing garden for patients


2016           Temple at Wat Chollapratarn Rangsarit, Nonthaburi, Thailand

                    Planning and landscape design for royal temple as a showcase                                 template for developing temples around Thailand


2015           Thailand Pavilion, Expo 2015, Milan

                    National architecture representation in the theme of agricultural                             roots of Thai identity


2014           Siam Green Sky: the urban agriculture leaning center, Bangkok

                   The biggest urban agricultural green roof in Thailand


2014           Public Space/Universal Design for

                   Ratchaprasong Intersection, Bangkok

                   Reclaiming the universal design for Ratchaprasong walking street


                   The Siam Square Street Art,

                   The biggest Public art event, Bangkok

                   The biggest outdoor museum in Bangkok, graffiti art event for                                  urban revitalization.


2013           The Pool of Happiness, Bangkok School for the Blind

                    Swimming pool for foundation for the blind in Thailand


                Public Talks and Special Lectures

2015          Palk Talk (to advocate for last landplot of green area in Bangkok                      to become public green space)

                   The Makkasan Network and Bangkok Art and Culture Center


                   Chulalongkorn Centennial Park: Design Thinking & Process

                   Department of Urban and Regional Planning,

                   Chulalongkorn University


                   Volunteer Spirit Network in Landscape Architecture Profession

                   Thai Association of Landscape Architecture (TALA) annual meeting


                   Creative thinking Workshop

                   Design Business and Technology ManagementDBTM,

                   Thammasat University


2014           Role Model on Universal Design Urban Streetscape,                                               Ratchaprasong Intersection

                    Key speaker at press conference hosted by Bangkok Metropolitan                           Administration, The Association of Siamese Architects Under Royal                         Patronage (ASA), Thai Health Organization

2006           Work Sessions in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi: Understanding                             Landscape Solutions to Marginalized Communities

                   (with Kounkuey Design Initiative)

                   Center for Technology and Environment, Graduate School of                                     Design, Harvard University

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